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Catch Her If You Can

Catch Her if You Can, the remarkable story of influencer, self-styled girlboss and unrelenting businesswoman, Mariam Mola.

In this candid no-nonsense memoir, Mola reflects on the good, the bad and the unpredictable that almost turned her life upside down, but most importantly how she managed to flip the game with her business acumen; later building some of the most notable women-led businesses in the UK.

A PR maverick, Mola shares the reality of doing time in prison across Europe and how she reinvented herself into a household name, entrepreneur and mentor to hundreds of women. Liked or loathed, her journey inspires you to never give up as you read about her being stopped at gunpoint by the Spanish authorities, having a baby in prison and losing her businesses, yet having the strength to start all over again.

Not only has Mola built brands, but has invested in building individuals in their craft and transforming them into moguls too. Catch Her if You Can gives you the inside glimpse of the fraud underworld from Mayfair to Malaga, but also teaches business principles for startups coming from nothing to something.

The book provides real solutions for go-getters trying to turn their lives around and aims to empower women to achieve their full potential. Mola also displays the human, vulnerable element of the journey of a 14-year-old girl.

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The remarkable story of influencer, self-styled girlboss. And how did she reinvent herself?
BBC News

Self-made girl boss.
The Guardian

Self-made girl boss.
The Guardian

Mariam Mola is a self-made businesswoman.
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